Christian Abouhaidar is a world-renowned professional makeup artist based in Beirut, Lebanon who transformed his lifelong fascination with painting and color into a thriving career marked by his innovative, detail-oriented, and truly artistic approach to beauty. His unique style has accumulated a global following and a long list of clients which includes internationally-celebrated photographers and models, celebrities, and royal families worldwide.


Abouhaidar’s aesthetic is fresh-faced, feminine, and flawless; a timeless beauty which radiates from the inside-out. Inspired by effortless European elegance, Abouhaidar’s early passion for seamless, natural-looking makeup was a distinct shift away from the Middle Eastern beauty trends of the time, which centered around thick, bold, dramatic looks. Abouhaidar quickly became famous for pioneering his signature look and has since become one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the entire Middle East.


Abouhaidar has flourished as an artist and made his presence felt worldwide. As the youngest celebrity makeup artist in the Middle East and one of the top social media influencers in his region, his work has been featured in several printed publications and television programs in the Middle East. Abouhaidar has also joined some of the most highly-regarded advertising campaigns in the beauty industry and now regularly represents some of the most prestigious international brands in the world including Tom Ford, La Mer, and Giorgio Armani.


At the core of his work, Abouhaidar is driven by the expressive and therapeutic power of makeup as art. While his aesthetic is founded in the concept of enhancing naturally-born beauty, he is constantly inspired by how his clients instantly feel better, more beautiful, and more powerful after working with him - as if the makeup enhances not only what is visible on the outside, but also the personality which emanates from the inside. Ultimately, Abouhaidar aspires to show the world that makeup is more than just a mask or artifice, but rather a form of artistic personal expression for both him and his clients which has the ability to effect, elevate, and inspire.


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